Icon Chemische Analyse


Chemical laboratory analysis of the elements CHNS and Cl in micro and macro samples in research as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Icon Agraranalyse


Agrarian analysis for the determination of the elemental composition of soil and plant samples or food.

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Icon Brennstoffanalyse


Analysis of fuels for the evaluation of the calorific value and purity of coal, biomass or solid waste.

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Icon Forensik


Understanding a sample's origin with stable isotope analysis brings powerful insight across numerous forensic applications.

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Icon Umweltanalyse


Measurement of sum parameters like TOC, TNb, etc. for water, soil and environmental analysis. Also measurement of carbon cycling or climate indicators.

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Icon Werkstoffe


Analysis of the elements C, S, O, N, and H in metals and inorganic materials. Ideal for foundries, steel mills, the automotive industry and the semiconductor industry.

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