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Highly Specialized Technologies optimize our devices for forensic analysis.

Understanding a sample's origin with stable isotope analysis brings powerful insight across numerous forensic applications. Protecting consumers and business from criminal activity is critical for maintaining their trust in a product, company or institution. Elementar's unique stable isotope solutions based on powerful stable isotope analysis allows hidden information about a samples origin to be discovered. By combining advanced technology with simplicity, stable isotope analysis brings new capabilities to a broad range of forensic applications.

Stable isotope analysis brings unique insight into the origin of an unknown sample. By interrogating the miniscule variations in the relative abundance of the stable isotopes of the light organic elements, a unique and hidden signature can be discovered.

This can help explain which clandestine laboratory an illegal drug was manufactured, or determine if an athlete has taken a testosterone supplement to boost performance. The application of stable isotope analysis to numerous forensic approaches provides a unique and powerful discriminatory dimension.

Forensic applications covered by our analytical systems:

  • Food Authenticity
  • Sports Doping
  • Criminal
  • Archaeology

Products for Forensic Analysis

vario ISOTOPE select

The workhorse in stable isotope ratio analysis


vario ISOTOPE cube

The universal champion in CNS stable isotope ratio analysis


vario PYRO cube®

CNSOH stable isotope ratios - all in one instrument


iso TOC®

The world's first stable isotope system for simultaneous C and N analysis (TOC/TNb)